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Initial Impressions

Even though the fall season is already underway I got the urge to note what my initial impressions were before seeing too much of anything.  As of this writing, I’ve only watched Episode 1 of Diabolik Lovers and Infinite Stratos 2.

Hyped, will finish:

Kill la Kill – Take the people behind Gurren Lagann, put them anywhere in the world, tell them to animate something, and you will easily get the most hyped show of the season.  Looking out for that battle suit.

Log Horizon – Given the massive wave that was Sword Art Online, this is pretty much a no-brainer if for no other reason than the hope this show pulls off an in-anime game world better than SAO did.  (It shouldn’t be too hard.)

BlazBlue Alter Memory – I looooove the games.  Having an anime was only a matter of time.  I’m expecting this to be a mixed bag but I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the attempt at the most convoluted story in the history of fighting games.

Samurai Flamenco – The little synopsis to this show sounds like how I imagined myself to be as a kid.  Was I right though?

Kyousogiga – I sat through the OVAs of this and wanted to like them really bad. I couldnt make myself do it.  I attributed that to there not being enough it, hence why I’m picking this up.

Valvrave 2 – Second season of the most hilariously over-the-top mecha in years?  THIS is what will save anime boys and girls.

Nagi no Asukara – I’ll say this right now.  I’m a sucker for Kana Hanazawa just like everyone else.  PV looked beautiful.

Infinite Stratos 2 – See above.  But really, if it weren’t for Kana’s voice and that infamous “Ichika no ecchi” I’d probably be a much more productive member of society.  Anyone going into this knows exactly what they’re getting…and will enjoy every second of it.

Outbreak Company – I live vicariously through the internet so I’ve noticed this seems to be getting a lot of attention.  I’ll be keeping my eye on it.  Set to be the crown jewel of moe in anime?

Golden Time– A similar case to Outbreak Company.  I know very little about the source material but I can feel the wind in the sails.  I also happen to be a rabid shipper.  Doesn’t matter if there aren’t any other ships.

Pupa– I know nothing about this show.  It just seems dark and I see the word “psychological” as a tag.  I really want this to surprise me because horror is very rarely paced well.  I have hope.

Interest piqued, will watch, may put off finishing:

Galilei Donna – I can’t resist an anime take on historical figures and works.  These shows are the reason I continue watching anime.

Yuusha ni Narenawhatever – The premise of a hero lost with no evil to defeat?  I’m in.

Ore no Nounaijeezus what is with long titles these days – Seems innocent enough.

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutskanai – Undefeatable doll boy? what.

Gundam Build Fighters – Seeing how it’s gunpla that has kept breathing life into the Gundam franchise, I was waiting for this one.

Meganebu!– uhh.  Glasses: The Anime?

Coppelion – Sir, we’ve got a disaster situation. Let’s send in the girls.

Just to fill in the gaps, may pick up eventually:

Magi 2 – Haven’t finished Magi 1 yet but I’m sloggin through it.  Maybe I’ll hop on mid-season.

Phi-Brain 3 – Like Magi, I’m still on season 2 of this.  I’ve got to finish it eventually because of completionistic tendencies.

Diabolik Lovers – Doesn’t seem to be anything special but the characters are undoubtedly pretty.  we have girl.  we have boy band of vampires.  now kiss.  Not expecting much.

All in all this fall has shaped up to be one of my most anticipated seasons in memory.  It’s actually made me so excited that I can’t hold off blogging any longer.  Doing in-progress and final organized reviews is new to me so it’ll definitely be a learning process.

ALL RIGHT! On to Kill la Kill!